The Art of Living Right.

Live life on your terms. But don’t bring discomfort to anyone. That should be the mantra of life. Sushma Buildtech takes you some basic etiquette that will help you navigate through life like a gentleman.

Leaving a meal in the middle when everyone is not finished yet is improper. If you really have to leave then excuse yourself courteously. Be polite.

It is never appropriate to show up at a party without gifts. Get a thoughtful present for your generous hosts. Create a good impression.

Do not write in all caps when you are using social media or writing professional emails. It seems like you are being aggressive. Use caps only when required. Be courteous.

A little extra effort can make somebody’s day. Like a handwritten thank you note that shows you really appreciate a person. It also means that you have great manners.

Putting your elbows on the dining table is lazy, unsophisticated and of course, causes disturbance to those seated next to you. Keep your elbows away.