The lush green open spaces, decorated with spring leaves singing the songs of praise in unison with uniform buildings standing as tough as Himalayas is the most delightful example of architectural intervention in natural manner.


Any guesses which place are we talking about?

This is all about the city beautiful- CHANDIGARH!

A glimpse on how it came into existence…

Towards the midnight on 15th August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru came up with his speech “Tryst with Destiny” and soon his vision to build a new capital city met the expertise of Le Corbusier    ( French Architect), giving birth to Chandigarh.

Chandigarh was based on Nehru’s principle;

“Let this be a new town, symbolic of freedom of India unfettered by the traditions of the past, an expression of the nation’s faith in the future”.

The features of Chandigarh architecture were young, are young, and will always be young. Let’s have a sneak peek into the some lesser known features:

  • Le Corbusier and his love for ‘nature’

The three pillars on which all the architecture of Le Corbusier stands is: Light, Space and Greenery. The study on sun and wind was always the stepping stone for all his designs in Chandigarh. As per him, the land always injects nourishment to the soul.

The dominance of open space can be well observed in the city. A hierarchy of open space was set, keeping leisure valleys at city level, parks at community level and courtyards became part of front and rear side of homes.

Gigantic Himalayas and vast fields became a source of inspiration for him. It was his love to this scenic beauty that Capitol Complex was his gift to the Himalayas. Capitol Complex is one of the UESCO World Heritage site.

His focus on these three pillars made it an environmental friendly city.


  • Symmetric Design for Residence To Create Harmony

Constitution of India gifted Right to Equality as a fundamental right to all its citizens. The same equality can be seen in residences of Chandigarh. Chandigarh adopted a mechanism called ‘Frame Control’.

Under this, the symmetry in design of residences was maintained. Line and height of building and use of building materials is fixed. Certain standard in size of gates and windows are to be followed. Users are given the leverage to create the interiors of their dwellings as per their requirements. Garden for each and every residence is the biggest positive of Chandigarh architecture.

Everything in life has to have balance and to make sure that the environment looks organized and balanced; Le Corbusier hit the right note by maintaining the uniformity in design of residences.


  • Relationship between Cosmos and Man

“To introduce the sun is the new and most imperative duty of the architect.”- Le Corbusier

The buildings of Chandigarh are designed in such a way that the sunlight penetrates into it even in sunlight scarce season. The incoming sunlight and heat was to be tackled in a manner such that the day hours could be efficiently used in working. Keeping the ‘Law of sun’ as a base, in public buildings and dwellings, some much needed interventions were made.

Chajjas, Jharokahs and Verandahs are provided to fight such environmental problems. The use of perforated shading screens in buildings of Chandigarh controlled the sunlight, making it softer and providing cool daylight.

The “All time solar hours” idea lay a stepping stone for foundation of Tower of Shadows based on the study of the movement of sun.

(Source: )

  • Colorful and Vibrant Chandigarh

Bright colors used on the walls of Chandigarh buildings are inspired from the landscape, clothing and paintings of ancient India. These colors used in architecture of buildings made Chandigarh always young, open to give and open to receive.


The best part about this architecture is that nothing has affected its essence, and it promises to remain young in the coming years too. Even the present societies (which have been building or are under construction) reflect the fundamentals of this amazing architecture.

Nehru and Le Corbusier had a power to see the invisible in their vision which is still alive and can be felt in the present architecture. Their vision will be passed from generation to generation, thereby creating a never-ending virtuous cycle.


Ever tried coming home early from office or shopping? Even if you drive so fast, there are good chances of covering a very short distance in triple the time. All thanks to the ever-growing traffic of the cities.

That’s not all! What adds fuel to the fire is, when you come back home with piles of papers or shopping bags, and you don’t find a parking for your car. And this anger reaches its zenith when you find that spot becomes home to the car of your unfriendly neighbor or their guest.

Undoubtedly, parking problem is on rise and it has become a hot topic to discuss over a hot cup of coffee in the brumal day.

Rising car population and parking problem…

The number of cars a family owns is increasing but the parking remains same- ‘The Narrow Roads’. So, it is common to see people fighting for a parking space. Spending 15-20 minutes to find an appropriate spot for parking is quite normal these days. From independent homes to markets, the problem is same everywhere. Independent homes leading to narrow roads and those narrow roads become a parking lot for rising number of cars these days.

Second and more dreadful problem is that these days’ people are pretty careless about parking their vehicles. Having your cars outside the homes is an open invitation to thefts. What if one fine evening you park your car outside home and next day, you don’t find your car?

Sounds scary?

We don’t mean to put you in fear. But this can happen to anyone, anytime! Is there no solution to these parking issues?

The solution is in rising trend…

Wondering what trend we are talking about?

It is all about the switch people are making these days, i.e. choosing a flat over an independent home. The first major benefit is that you can buy a 2, 3, or 4 BHK, anyone as per your budget and need.

And then there are several other reasons behind the increasing popularity of apartment living, including hassle-free parking. Whether it is about your car’s safety or designated parking space, everything comes along. You can live feely, leaving behind the headache of parking and car’s security.

But there’s a catch!

As the trend is on rise so is the parking problem. Do you know total car sales in the country have crossed two million units? The root of the problem does not lie in the parking management. Parking is allocated and managed in societies with thorough research in advance. The problem resides in parking etiquettes.

Being a resident of a society, it becomes your sole responsibility to follow proper parking etiquettes, leaving behind a good example for others.

# Rule 1: You need to understand that any empty space (which is designated to someone else) cannot be a parking point for your car. The parking slots are well defined and allocated in housing societies. So, be responsible to park the car at your designated space, as it helps to avoid any war of words and thereby developing a healthy relationship with your society-mates.

Parking Space

#Rule 2: Obviously, it is difficult for your guests to know where to park their car. Hence, when they arrive, showing them the way towards visitor parking is your duty.


#Rule 3: Remember the #Rule 1, stick to it! But in any case if you have to park your car in someone else’s designated space; make sure you don’t apply the hand-brake while leaving your car. Doing so, if required your vehicle can be moved as per ones convenience.

#Rule 4: Basically, this is a follow up for the former rule. Along with the hand brake left open, don’t forget to stick a paper on the windscreen, mentioning your contact number and name. It will be helpful for them to contact and inform you whenever they need to vacant the space for their usage.

#Rule 5: This one is not concerned to parking though, yet you must ensure that your kids don’t consider the parking lot to be a play area. Else, they might end up damaging someone’s vehicle.

Lastly, be a good resident and follow all the guidelines your society has set for vehicle parking. This will not only make your life simpler, but also help building healthy relationship with other residents. So, happy living begins with you!


Spain has not only given ‘US DOS TRES’ to the world, but it has its footprints in other fields too. Especially, when it comes to Spanish architecture, it has always set exquisite designing and construction standards.

A famous architect says, “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”. So, there are three basic principles of good architecture:

  • Durability – It should stand up robustly and remain in good condition.
  • Utility – It should be useful and function well for the people using it.
  • Beauty – It should delight people and raise their spirits.

As far as the first two points are considered, architects have always focused and achieved the same. Often they overlook the third point, leaving something ‘missing’ in the building. It is the Spanish architecture which fills this void, presenting a perfect design for any construction.

Spanish Architecture- Amalgamation of beauty and strength!

The architecture of Spain is blessed with many styles. Some of the popular styles includes, Roman Spanish architecture, Gothic Spanish architecture, Neoclassical Style, Mudéjar Style, Renaissance Spanish architecture, Pre- Romanesque architecture, Colonial Spanish architecture, Baroque Spanish architecture, and Iberian and Celtic architecture.

All these styles share some common features which give birth to stunning buildings. Below we have listed some of these;

  • Curves and Arches:Curves and Arches are one of the stunning features of Spanish architecture. They are the innovation of Pre- Romanesque period.  A simple exterior gets an upper hand when an arch and curve is featured in a window, door or porch. The design delights the eyes, generating a spark of positivity in heart.When focused on, these arches and curves are not only structures but addition of style in the structure. Curved steps paving way towards heart-warming archway to the front door adds an icing on the cake.

(Credits-–spanish-revival-spanish-colonial.jpg )


  • Balcony- Worth the spent money
    Non-rounded balconies were introduced in Spain in the 18th century. Balconies have been given an integral spot in Spanish architecture. Considering it as a practical aspect of the architecture, spacious balconies were incorporated in the Spanish design to witness the scenic views and take a puff of surrounding air without leaving the home.

(Credits- )

  • Painted Tiles

Decorating the basic construction with baroque ornaments gave rise to Colonial Spanish architecture. This style was followed by the Spain colonists when they first arrived in the new world. Painted tiles were used in this phase and they are beautiful characteristic of Spanish influence.

Whether as stair risers or used as kitchen back-splash, these hand painted tiles gives a beautiful touch of Spanish flavor. When different colors and patterns are combined, a priceless art is generated on the tiles.

(Credits- )


  • Wrought iron and dark wood work 

    Dark wood work and wrought iron work can be commonly found in this architecture. Stair railings, gates, lanterns and window grills are beautified by finely crafted wrought iron work. The minute detailing of wood work adds a style statement to your home and society.Frames around doorways and windows are created with precise tile work and wrought iron grillwork. These designs are influenced by colonial Spanish architecture. Wrought iron is seen throughout homes in the Spanish design and this elegant metal contrasts beautifully with natural woodwork and tile.

(Credits- )


  • Roof tiles of terracotta The red clay roof top is another player of Spanish architecture which gives building and home a warm, earthy and rustic look. To create the asymmetry, roof lines are kept multi-level. This asymmetry creates interest and is a treat for the eyes. Though asymmetrical, but the building remains robust.Terracotta roof tiles have its application in many places at home. They can be used in a kitchen back-splash or roofs making the home unique and cozy at same time.

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  • Chimneys resembling TowersThe principle of Spanish architecture is to leave no stone unturned and a full focus is kept even on small details. The chimney is given a special treatment, standing proudly with moldings, small windows and its own tile roof. Terracotta tiling is used in many chimneys and openings can be round or rectangular.To complete the proper look, rustic decorative ledges are used to give an earthy touch.

(Credits- )


Impact of Spanish Architecture in India

Spain is renowned worldwide for both its architecture and its architects. In terms of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Spain is the country with the second highest amount of buildings on the list.

The classical touch, opulent structures and a space that makes you feel like king are all features of Spanish architecture. There are many beautiful and famous architectural styles available but Spanish architecture is no doubt the favorite choice for all the home buyers.

Spanish architecture has always been an inspiration for India. Viceregal Lodge (Rashtrapati Niwas) located in Shimla, built during the regime of Lord Dufferin is one of the finest examples of Spanish architecture.


The themed residences are gaining a lot of popularity in India. People want a complete package in their investment. Spanish architecture is being incorporated by many Indian celebrities at their richness personified residences. Due to its gaining popularity, even new age residential projects for masses are being available with such themes.

“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves”.


Taking a sip of coffee, one fine day I was sitting in my balcony when I realized that my work anniversary is getting closer.

Neha Luthra- Sushma

All the memories of my past, my experience started to knock at the door of my mind. I was taken back to those days when I joined this industry and Sushma Buildtech. My experience at the company has been full of challenges and but with immense learning, which has helped me evolve professionally and personally, both.

My takeoff with Sushma Buildtech Limited…

I became a part of Sushma Buildtech Limited on 7th December, 2009 as a Marketing Executive and at present I am the company’s oldest employee. I still remember the day of my interview, I was little nervous and excited at same time.

The one thing that impressed me most about the company was their process adherence.  They were getting into every minute detail to ensure the consistency and accuracy.

My growth with Sushma Buildtech Limited …

I grew along with the company and witnessed its expansion. I actually learnt how important the quality of the workplace is to employees and the resulting impact it can have on progress and productivity, loyalty, satisfaction, and retention in a knowledge industry.

Every time there were lots of expectations backed up by wealth of motivation which helped me to find a way not only to meet those goals but exceed them. This can only be done with a great team support of dedicated individuals who were sharing the same drive to reach higher than ever before. The reason behind this enthusiasm is that all the employees are treated equally. This level of motivation, hard work and enthusiasm paved the way for us to get nominated for plenty of rewards.

As the time passed, Sushma Buildtech just became like family to me. It was the organization’s love and compassion for their employees which made them feel like a family. Having great colleagues everyone loved coming to work every day, thus a great synchronized team delivers the best to clients. The team we have built today helps to continuously move forward and gain success. And I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the Sushma Buildtech Limited group.

My Bond with Sushma Buildtech Limited …

I still remember the day when I had to part the ways with Sushma Buildtech due to my wedding date coming closer. Getting married in New Delhi meant an end to my journey with organization. But luckily, it wasn’t so!

Just the way, we as a team had been working to fulfill the dreams of our customers, looking for best apartments in Chandigarh, Sushma Buildtech once again brought forth the best opportunity for me. Yes, it was no less than a surprise when they came up with an idea to open a branch in the NCR region and offered me to operate from there itself.

That decision of the company was an overwhelming endeavor for an employee like me. This never ending bond which will always be cherished!

What they commit, they deliver and what they deliver always touches your heart.

Finally, I came back from my dreams and realized how lucky I am to be the part of an organization like Sushma Buildtech Limited. They care for us and we care for them, and together we make a trusted brand that care for every customer!

GST Effect On Real Estate: Is it so complex?

Should GST be applicable on real estate?

It is certainly one of the most talked about topic across the nation.

In fact, GST discussion has heated up among all the political parties in India. Whether it is about Rahul Gandhi, the Vice President Indian National Congress party addressing GST council or Manish Sisodia, Delhi Finance Minister writing letter to ArunJaitley.

Meanwhile, Bihar Deputy CM and GST council member, Sushil Kumar Modi has made it clear that the inclusion of real estate in Goods and Services Tax (GST) is “not that easy” and would take “much longer time”,the world of Real Estate is now looking forward to council’s next meeting.

Well, you will have to wait for what conclusion will this hullaballoo lead to. But being a prospective homebuyer, you must be pondering over the consequences if real estate should be brought under GST. Will GST benefit the homebuyers? Or will it affect the home prices in India?

So, here we have tried to compile the best possible answers to quench your thirst for queries related to GST and Real Estate. These will include;

  • How will GST impact real estate?
  • How will GST affect developers?
  • What about the ready-to-move-in homes?
  • Will a slightly higher GST rate be acceptable to buyers?

Before you dig out the answers, you need to have a look at the list of taxes which are applicable on real estate and construction industry currently. Check out the info graphic stating them at a glance:

Now with the launch of GST, it is expected to subsume these multiple indirect taxes. So, it tends to simplify tax compliance, meanwhile minimizing the scope for double taxation. This means that there will be clear reason for home buyers to cheer. Sounds good, right?

How will GST impact real estate?

Regardless of the fact that real estate sector accounts for around five per cent of India’s gross domestic product (GDP), the sector deals with macroeconomic conditions and fiscal policy decisions. It also includes the management of the multiple indirect tax levies, including VAT, service tax, excise, stamp duty, and registration fees.

Now with the launch of GST, it is expected to subsume these multiple indirect taxes. So, it tends to simplify tax compliance, meanwhile minimizing the scope for double taxation. This means that there will be clear reason for home buyers to cheer. Sounds good, right?

How will GST affect developers?

Similar to the buyers, GST is expected to be helpful for the developers too. Actually, it is expected to bring down the project cost as there are many taxes and duties being paid by a developer on the procurement side. From Central Sales Tax, excise duty, entry tax, to Customs duty, there are different charges which are subsequently passed on to the final pricing of the property.

In such a case, when GST proposes to roll multiple taxes into one, it can be expected for the cost of construction to come down. Hence, more liquidity into the market and boost in home sales is anticipated. It is a win-win situation!

What about the ready-to-move-in homes?

As far as the under-construction projects are concerned, developers will have the option of getting full input set-off credit. However, ready-to-move-in flats have been kept out of the GST ambit. So, these will remain unaffected.

Will a slightly higher GST rate be acceptable to buyers?

Buyers need to know that they are not liable to pay any indirect tax for the purchase of ready-to-move-in properties. Hence, the impact of GST on buyers of resale properties will be very little.

As far as the under-construction property transactions are concerned, buyers have to pay value-added tax (VAT) and service tax. Being a state levy, VAT rate differs from one state to another, and service tax is a central tax which is charged at 15 per cent. So, the current taxes on home purchase are high and of course, accompanied with mind-boggling complexities. In fact, no amount of research can help the buyer to know the right rate he is paying. Among the lengthy government documents, which are highly interpretative in nature, there are good chances that you might get lost in the study.

To cut down on this, GST will introduce a clear uniform rate, i.e. one tax which includes everything that they you pay in taxes to authorities. In short, the whole payment process becomes highly convenient. So, even if a higher rate appears through, it might be more acceptable to him than a lack of clarity. Isn’t it?

To conclude, due to the lack of clarity on abatement for land value, the exact impact of the GST on real estate will be difficult to gauge at this stage. However, transparency in the tax system will certainly bring forth changes and benefits, which will be passed on by the developers to the purchasers.

For the time being, we can just wait for the GST council to take arighteous decision that favors everyone!









SUSHMA Foundation in association with Voluntary Health Association of Punjab Corporation started crèche in November 2015, with 38 children availing the facility the count is increasing.

SUSHMA Group, a dynamic and rapidly growing Real Estate development company is known for its meticulously planned approach supported by stringent quality practices benchmarked to International standards. SUSHMA group is also known for its long associations with it patrons, customers or employees.

Young children of laborer’s playing at construction sites are a common scene in most of the real estate projects but not with SUSHMA group. SUSHMA Foundation started crèche in November 2015 in association with Voluntary Health Association of Punjab Corporation for all the children in the SUSHMA Square. Newly painted space of approx 1600 sq ft has been dedicated to the crèche facility. Armed with the basic amenities like electricity and water from the SUSHMA group the crèche provide a comfortable stay to the children. The Voluntary Health Association of Punjab Corporation provides ration, medicine, stationary, blankets and mattresses. Apart from this 3 teachers are also a part of the crèche, imparting the children basic education. Regular doctor visit and monthly health checkups with timely vaccination is provided to the children free of cost. At present the SUSHMA construction laborers’ children are availing the crèche facilities. This helps both the parents to work at the construction site. There are total 38 children from 7months to 12 years in the crèche.


Talking about the facility Mr Prateek Mittal, Executive Director SUSHMA Group said,” We at SUSHMA group believe that it is our moral responsibility to help the children of the laborer’s who put their heart and soul in our work. By providing the crèche facility we not only provide a safe environment for the kids but also the parents can work tension free.”

The crèche facility can be availed by working mothers from the society as well.  “ Many women have to quit their jobs giving in to their maternal duties, but the crèche gives them a homely alternative to leave their children “ he added.

The Art of Living Right.

Live life on your terms. But don’t bring discomfort to anyone. That should be the mantra of life. Sushma Buildtech takes you some basic etiquette that will help you navigate through life like a gentleman.

Leaving a meal in the middle when everyone is not finished yet is improper. If you really have to leave then excuse yourself courteously. Be polite.

It is never appropriate to show up at a party without gifts. Get a thoughtful present for your generous hosts. Create a good impression.

Do not write in all caps when you are using social media or writing professional emails. It seems like you are being aggressive. Use caps only when required. Be courteous.

A little extra effort can make somebody’s day. Like a handwritten thank you note that shows you really appreciate a person. It also means that you have great manners.

Putting your elbows on the dining table is lazy, unsophisticated and of course, causes disturbance to those seated next to you. Keep your elbows away.